Soul Of The Beast



By Wes Phelan

London 1886. It is the time of Victorian England and the British Empire. The aristocratic Sexton family would have the perfect life except for a deadly Curse. All Sexton men suffer mysterious deaths on their eighteenth birthdays. John Sexton turns eighteen in three months and is next to die. A letter arrives from a grandfather in Australia who John has never met, and his family refuses to discuss.  In the letter, his grandfather claims to have found a key to finding a myth called the Soul of the Beast. He says the myth is a cure to the Curse and will save John’s life. His grandfather offers the key to John, but he must come to Australia to receive it. John  immediately boards a ship.  When he walks down the gangplank in Australia, John is unaware of the evil and dangers that await him. His grandfather is the head of a crime syndicate that employed an assassin cult to kill anyone who stood in his way. The assassins learn about the key and decide to take it and find the Soul of the Beast for themselves. John’s grandfather refuses to give up the key, and their leader strangles him to death. When John finds the key, the assassins try to kill him and take it. John runs runs for his life and into a hidden world beyond his imagination. The world of the Soul of the Beast.

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11 thoughts on “Soul Of The Beast

  1. Tina Cox

    It is a wonderful book. Thank you for using Brittany Cox illustrations. Can’t wait to read the second book!
    Tina Cox

  2. Norma Laughmiller Post author

    March 1, 2014
    Hi, Judy and Wes,

    I received the book yesterday, just when needing something new to read. I was looking for a good diversion, this was timely. It is certainly suspenseful and has my curiosity churning. I am having some ideas about where it is headed. Up to Ch 6 and must stop for now so will see at the next reading opportunity. Thank you for sharing your work, Wes.

    Son Jay has been here 2 days until this morning. He helped me get started on organizing the attic stuff to motivate me to start the process. Surprising to me, he had good suggestions and I look forward to jumping into the job……when I finish the book :o))

    Thanks again, friends. I miss you too. It is nice to stay in touch.
    Lovingly in Christ,

  3. Craig Best Post author

    Too funny Wes!….FYI, I’m going to order your book. Don’t disappoint me!
    From: Craig Best

  4. Bary Dahlberg Post author

    Congratulations Wes! A published author, who needs that radiology stuff! It’s always great to hear from you and Judy…

    Bary and Mary

  5. Justin Brooks Post author

    By Justin Brooks on September 3, 2014
    Several weeks ago, a close friend placed this book in my hand and asked me to give it a read when I got the opportunity. I must admit, as a PhD student, one more piece of literature to read was less than rousing. Over the next couple weeks the book rode around in my laptop bag and jockeyed for a position on the back corner of my desk, not once being opened. Finally, a few days ago I remembered the book was in my bag and I pulled it out to read the back cover. Before I realized it, I was sailing through a thrilling storyline filled with unsuspected twists, danger and adventure. The plot takes you through the streets of foreign lands with such detail; you can feel the Middle Eastern heat eliciting beads of sweat from your brow and smell the aroma of curry wafting from street vendors’ tents then become instantly enraged with mounting crowds as the characters try to make it to safety. As I ran along with the characters, I found it impossible to put the book down. In one sitting, well into the early morning I sat and read this book. I was lost in my own imagination within a historically accurate context that often blurred the lines of reality. I was astonished at the inimitable planning that went into the book, as a physician-author from the upstate of South Carolina pushed me closer to the edges of remote lands, each line dripping with sense-intriguing description. The well-organized novel truly allowed for a relaxing read with a constantly developing plot that left me eagerly turning the next page, lost deep within a faraway land of a long bygone time.


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