Ziggurat at Ur

Ancient City of Ur

sumerian1The ancient city of Ur was real and is important to  Awakening the Beast. Ur was located in the southern Arabian Peninsula and mentioned in Genesis as the home of Abraham. It was an ancient city of the Sumerians, the earliest known civilization.  The remains of Ur were found in the 1920’s by an archeologist named Wolley.. 

Below are  excerpts from an online article about Ur. You can read the complete article at: http://archaeology.about.com/od/uterms/qt/ur.htm

Ancient City of Ur

The Mesopotamian city of Ur was an important Sumerian city state [that existed] between about 2025-1738 BC. [It was located in what is now southern Iraq] near the Euphrates river, Ur covered about 60 acres, and [was surrounded by] a city wall… Woolley [ found the remains of Ur inside] … an artificial hill called a tell. Tells are [hills formed by centuries of building [and rebuilding over the site of a city or temple.] 

SOB City of UR

…Typical houses [in Ur] included an open central courtyard with two or more main living rooms in which the families resided. Each house had a domestic chapel where cult [statues] and the family burial-vault was kept. Kitchens, stairways, workrooms, lavatories were all part of the household structures. The houses were packed in very tightly, with exterior walls of one household immediately abutting the next one. Although the cities appear very closed off, the interior courtyards and wide streets provided light, and the close-set houses protected the exposure of the exterior walls to heating especially during the hot summers.

Royal Cemetery

SOB Ur2In the mid-1920s, … Woolley… excavated over 2000 graves. Based on the wealth of tombs, Woolley designated 16 as “royal tombs”…  …people who presumably served the royal personage …were buried with him or her in a pit outside of the [tomb] … Woolley called these … “death pits”, and the largest of them held the remains of 74 people. … analysis of … (the) skulls from several pits at Ur [showed the servants] were killed by blunt force trauma [killed with a club to the head} , as ritual sacrifices. After they were killed, … the bodies [were preserved with a] combination of heat-treatment and the application of mercury; and then the bodies were dressed in their [finest clothes] and laid in rows in the pits.sumerian2

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