SOB Blindness 2In Soul Of The Beast, John and Mick meet a blind beggar without legs and with completely white eyes. Why were his eyes white? A likely cause is RIVER BLINDNESS. Below are excerpts from an online article about River Blindness from . To read the  article click the link:

River blindness is caused by a parasitic worm [that enters the human body through the bite of a black fly. The fly lives in fertile areas near rivers. Each adult worm produces millions of larvae that [migrate] throughout the body… When the worm enters the eyes, it causes … blindness… The disease shows symptoms one to three years after the [bite.]

A total of 18 million people are infected [with the worm. The vast majority of them [are] in Africa. Of those infected… 270,000 are blind…The development of a drug (ivermectin) in the 1980s was the first … safe, effective drug that improves symptoms and decreases the chances of disease [spread.]

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