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Was Calcutta Poverty Really That Bad?


The main characters in Soul of the Beast travel to Calcutta, India and experience the extreme poverty that still exists today. When someone says  the poor of America are rich compared with Calcutta, Americans often scoff.  But Mother Theresa knew this was true and spent her life giving comfort to the poor of Calcutta. Below are excerpts from an online article on the subject by Backpacking Tips Asia:

India is an amazing country to travel in …But unfortunately, the poverty [ in India is overwhelming.] Poverty can roughly be divided into absolute poverty, [what we see in India] or relative poverty [what we see in the United States].

calcutta5Absolute poverty is what you see on television … when they show skinny children from… Africa…the absolute poverty line is $1.25 per day.In other words, if a person is living on $1.25 or less per day, that person is living in absolute poverty.

SOBMother-Teresa3[A large number of Indians live in absolute poverty.]  To maximize the chance of getting food…, many of them will send their young children to work…,…workers in India appreciate work even though the working conditions [involve a high risk of injury,] low income and long hours.. The job gives them a sense of dignity and self-respect.

street3… The poor [of Mumbai, India] live in the slums where the sewer is running freely in their… streets, … large families have a living space of only a few square meters.

The debate on starvation has focused on increased food production… [as the solution to poverty], but we must not forget that distribution of (food)… has always been a problem. If everyone on this planet shared everything they had, … that would solve much of the poverty issues.

Does this kind of poverty bother you? What can be done about it? I’d like to hear your comments. You can post them below.


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