Quotes from Soul Of The Beast

Quotes  from Soul Of The Beast SOB fighting monk

(Regarding a poker game) It’s not cheating when all the money on the table is yours. (Mick)

When there is only one choice, choose it. (Mick)

When you got people afraid of you, you’ve got real power. (Mick)

Getting you in won’t be hard. But getting you out, that’s the tricky part.  (Mick)

(Also about a poker game) That wasn’t cheating. That was livening up the game. (Mick)

The only remedy for a bad defense was a good offense. (John)

SOB Himalayas6Thugs don’t leave witnesses, at least alive. (Mick)

Living on the streets teaches you where the bodies are buried. (Mick)

The live dog is better than a dead lion. (Mick quoting the Bible.)

Myths can’t do anything. That’s why they’re called myths. (Mick)

Giving food to slaves about to be sold is a waste of food. (Zhong)

There are times when you must take a step without knowing the next. (Zhong)

Destiny is not the only force. But destiny controls them all. (Zhong)

The evil of man knows no bounds. (Zhong)SOB Monk Himalayas

You have trusted me this far. Trust me one last time. (Zhong)

I know you can hold me. I just wish someone was holding you. (John)

That is impossible (John) .You would be correct if it did not exist (Zhong).

Death changes nothing. (Zhong)

We do not know our  destiny beyond this moment. (Zhong)DCF 1.0

No man can change destiny. (Zhong)

Servants in the English culture are ignored, much like furniture. (Zhong)

Now that we’re going somewhere, we should decide where that is. (Mick)

I had never been more wrong in my life. (John)


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