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Awakening the Beast, the sequel to Soul of the Beast, has been completed. It answers all the unanswered questions in the first book. Awakening the Beast is currently being prepared for publishing on Below are quotes from the book and a taste of what the book offers.


I will take your hearts. Then you will watch as I offer your gifts to my god.

Fool, you say the words, but you do not understand.

It was like a monster engulfing the ship.

We cannot wait …We must save ourselves.

When there’s only one choice, you choose it.

I cannot explain what I do not understand.

The blackened trees were like tortured souls in frozen agony.ATBArabian-Horse

In the desert, to share water is to share life.

That was never my destiny.

Like a sea of locusts, they devour everything in their path.

Her body moved in and out of curves to music only she could hear, music her face said was beautiful beyond words.

A hidden weakness is still weakness.

Men have always been drawn to evil over good.

Men with hope and a worthy goal work hard.

If anyone deserved to die, it was him.

For an evil leader, the only life that matters is his own.

ATBafricanmanMen have died and are dying to buy us time …We can do no less for them.

Sometimes it is good to be wrong.

We savored the luxury of doing nothing.

If we are to die, let’s take them with us.

While we breathe there is hope.

It’s strange how so much can happen, and then it ends without a whimper.

The greatest events in history often pass into obscurity, their meaning forgotten.

There is a purpose to all things.

It would be impossible, except for the fact that it happened.

A people who do not know their enemy will be defeated.

Write your history so it will be there when the world needs to remember.

A war is won where the battle is fought.

ATB CrowThis is the destiny for which I was born.

Choose hope, even a small hope, over none.

We will buy the time you need with our lives.

High above was a single red glow like an evil star.

Maybe this is just fattening us for the slaughter.

We couldn’t stop, or give up, not while we breathed.

Destiny. The answer to all questions.



  1. Leila Cheesley Post author

    Leila Cheesley -Waiting with baited breath for “Awakening of the Beast.” Better get cracking, Wes.


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