SOB ancient map


In Soul Of The Beast, John and his mates are shown an old map with a large body of water between the continents of India and Asia . The sea was real. It’s called the Tethys Sea. It existed up to 65 millions years ago when the continent of India shifted north (continental drift) and collided with Asia. SOB.pangea2But the map is impossible because, according to the experts, the sea was gone long before men walked the earth. There was no one around to draw the map.  Are they right?

Here are the “facts”  taught by the scientists:

The earth is 5 billion years old.

Dinosaurs lived 250 million years ago.

The Tethys Sea  existed up until 65 million years ago.

Man first walked the earth 4 million years ago.

velociraptorThe blog Were Dragons Real? (available on this website) makes a strong case for men existing at the same time as the dinosaurs. If the dinosaurs lived when the sea existed, and men lived at the time of the dinosaurs, then an ancient map showing a missing sea isn’t so crazy after all.


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