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World of the Beasts: A peek behind the curtain.

World of the Beasts: A peek behind the curtain.ATBsun tzu6

The events in Soul Of The Beast and Awakening The Beast are part of an invisible, infinite war in the spiritual realm. The war is between what is best described as Good and Evil. Our world is the physical battleground of this war, and the outcome here is critical to the war’s final outcome. Unknown to them, John, Mick and Zhong are chess pieces used by Good to fight in the physical realm. And moving through it all, the physical and the spiritual, the good and the eveil is the mysterious Destiny.

To say more would reveal secrets meant for the reader to discover on his own. Hopefully this has sparked your interest, and you’re ready to read the first chapter of Soul Of The Beast.

To read the first chapter, simply click SOUL OF THE BEAST EXCERPT in the bar beneath the title banner. It’s free!

ATBchinese_battle2Zhong rules!