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SOB Volcano14


Volcanoes are among the most amazing natural events on earth. They play a large part in Awakening of the Beast, the sequel in the Beast series. To make volcanoes come alive,  I’ve put together a photo essay on volcanic eruptions. Double-click the pictures to expand them.

SOB Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

SOB Volcano 13SOB Volcano21SOB Volcano22ATB_Volcano_2SOB volcano5SOB Volcano 16SOB Volcano19SOB Volcano29ATB VolcanoSOB Volcano 17SOB Volcano23SOB volcano 12

SOB Volcano 6

SOB Volcano24





The Soul of the Beast there is an ancient myth hidden in the Himalayan Mountains. For centuries, men have searched for the Soul believing that it will give them powers and eternal life to its possessor. John Sexton’s grandfather finds the key to finding the Soul. He gives the key to John to keep it from an assassin cult. The assassins murder the grandfather and pursue John and his mates to kill them and take the key and the Soul’s powers for themselves. John and his mates are in a race for their lives that takes them across continents. Neither John nor the assassins realize their every move is controlled and part of a war between unseen forces.





I wrote SOUL OF THE BEAST because of the high numbers of teens, and adults, who can’t read or read poorly. That has always bothered me. Then came the day when I walked through the Young Adult section of a bookstore. The main shelves were filled with comics in paperback form with meaningless stories and quick art meant for mass production.  Solid fiction like Treasure Island, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter was relegated to side shelves where it was harder to see and find.
horse3 That’s when I decided to write an adventure thriller to grab the attention of poor and non readers and keep them reading.

If Soul of the Beast  is something you’re interested in reading or giving as a gift, you can buy it online in both paperback and ebook. Simply click Amazon.com . 


Still not sure you’d like it? You can read the first chapter for free. Simply go to my website, wesphelan.com, Click on Soul of the Beast Excerpt . (It’s below  the main banner with the dragon at the top of the page.) Read the first ten pages. If that doesn’t capture your interest, then thanks for looking. I’m betting you’ll want more.

Himalayan Climb



Are Volcanic Lakes Dangerous?

Volcanic lakes can be very dangerous, especially when there is volcanic activity. “Nature” posted an article online that discusses the hazards with a focus on Lake Kivu in Africa.

A lakeful of trouble: Africa’s Lake Kivu contains vast quantities of gas, which makes it both dangerous and valuable. … Lake in an old volcanic crater or caldera, Iceland

In late 2001, Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was growing restless. Plumes of smoke issued from the central crater, alarming volcanologists in the nearby city of Goma. Then, on 17 January 2002, lava fountained from a fracture on Nyiragongo’s southern flank. The molten rock snaked down the sides of the volcano and razed the centre of Goma… the lava streamed into nearby Lake Kivu, generating a plume of water vapour that clouded the area for days1.

More than 100 people were killed and nearly 300,000 people fled their homes. The only obvious refuge for the displaced people was along the shores of the lake. But Kivu poses its own threats. Beneath its placid surface, the lake contains 300 cubic kilometres of carbon dioxide and 60 cubic kilometres of methane. A disruption to the lake — such as a bigger, closer eruption — could cause a gas burst, with potentially deadly consequences for the roughly 2 million people who live along Kivu’s shores… Continue reading