Are Thugs Real?

Thugs were very real.thuggee3 They were an Indian assassin cult. Their name for themselves was Thuggee, but the British called them Thugs. Here is what the Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained says about Thugs:

No organized cult of killers has ever murdered as many people as the Thuggees. In the 1830s this Indian secret society strangled upward of 30,000 native people and travelers as sacrifices to their goddess Kali… 

… [In 1812] Great Britain was beginning to expand its territories in India, and the British administrators were becoming increasingly alarmed by reports of bands of stranglers …roving the countryside murdering travelers…

[The Thug] was … trained from earliest childhood to murder by the quick, quiet method of a strong cloth noose tightened about the neck of their victims. This weapon, the “Rumal,” was worn knotted about the waist of each member of the Thuggee.thuggee The Thuggee gloried in silent and efficient acts of murder above any other earthly accomplishment…[they often traveled in disguise] as traders, pilgrims, and even as soldiers . … Each band of [Thugs] had a small unit of scouts …who would loiter about hotels and market places gaining information regarding travelers and the weight of their coin purses…

Working in groups of three, one Thuggee would loop the Rumal around the victim’s neck, another would press his head forward, and the third would grab his legs and throw him to the ground. In the rare instance when an intended victim escaped …, he would run into scouts posted at the edge of the jungle. One hundred percent mortality of their victims was the goal of the [Thug]…

God of Chaos

God of Chaos

… the [Thugs] had a peculiar code of ethics [that forbid] the killing of [holy men], musicians, dancers, sweepers, oil vendors, carpenters, blacksmiths, maimed or leprous persons, Ganges water-carriers, and women…The strongest rule of the [Thug] brotherhood was the one prohibiting the shedding of blood [when they murdered]….All victims of the Thugs] were sacrificed to their god] Kali…The minimum age for initiation into the society was 10… the young candidates [watched] their elders at work from hidden points [away] from the site of the attack. At the age of 18, they were permitted to make their first human sacrifices to Kali…

Between 1830 and 1841, …police captured at least 3,700 Thugs, breaking forever the back of the infamous secret society. Of this total, only 50 received a pardon for supplying valuable information … The remainder … were imprisoned for life [or] hanged…the [Thugs] condemned to be hanged went to their own deaths with the same lack of emotion with which they had murdered their victims. In many instances, their final request to the hangman was that they be permitted to place the noose around their own neck.DCF 1.0

Trials of Thuggees brought out many ghastly facts about the deadly skills of … its members. A band of 20 confessed that they had participated in 5,200 murders. An individual named Buhram, who had been a strangler for 40 years, had the highest lifetime score to his discredit—931. When asked if he experienced any feelings of remorse or guilt, he answered sharply that no man should ever feel [regret] in following his trade.

…the stranglers of the goddess Kali no longer exist as a secret society. The designation of Thug…remains as a negative term applied to brutish criminals.sikh3

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